Custom Made Orthotics to Restore Mobility & Function

Orthotics are used to treat conditions caused by injury or disease and can be applied to restore mobility or functionality in the extremities. They are inserts that go into the shoes which are molded to the exact shape of the individuals foot when they are non-weight bearing. We can customize the orthotics features such as size, cushioning, top coat, and bottom soles.

Applicable Conditions:
⦁ Back pain
⦁ Arthritis
⦁ Flat feet
⦁ Hammer toes
⦁ Heel spurs
⦁ Bunions
⦁ Plantar fasciitis
⦁ High arches
⦁ Peripheral Neuropathies


Benefits Of Custom Made Orthotics:

⦁ To correct biomechanical foot issues
⦁ To relieve ankle and leg pain
⦁ To reduce back, hip, knee pain
⦁ Improved Posture